Wow.  What a great event!  We had several new consignors and buyers which leads me to believe the red angus are still on the rise!  The weather cooperated and at least to my knowledge, no one lost any appendages in the cold weather like we suffered through last year!

The pizza buffet and casino night was a blast!  The dealers from the Adel Kiwanis’s were fantastic and everyone, from young and old, had a great time gathering chips for bragging rights!   The Holiday Inn Express in Altoona really bent over backwards to make our evening work so I want to make sure to send a big THANK YOU out to them for allowing us to basically take over the breakfast room and the meeting rooms.  Without their cooperation I am not sure what we would have done, except maybe bit with pizza slices!

President Mark Finch took home top honors, although I am going to be honest, I suspect foul play!  Little Finch took home the second place honors, I am pretty sure he took that fair and square!  Anyone disagree???   Make sure you look at the photos to see the fun!

The junior auction was a success!  There were many bidders that were from other breeds.  We have a great start to making sure the 2017 National Junior Red Angus Show hosted in Iowa will be one for the memory and record books!

Thanks everyone for a great time and see ya at the state fair!