I can hardly believe the red angus show is just a few weeks away!   Sure seems like the summer flies by, especially when it rains every other day!

The red angus show will be held on Friday, Aug 21 at 8 am in the outdoor arena.   After the show, the Iowa Red Angus Assoc will be hosting a picnic in the isle with sandwiches, chips, fruit, dessert and drinks.  A free will offering jar will be out with all extra proceeds going to the 2017 National Red Angus show that Iowa will be hosting.  This picnic will replace the meal we normally have in the Gannon barn.  We hope that this will give both exhausted showman and red angus enthusiast a chance to enjoy some friendly conversation in the comfort the cattle barn!

As you noticed on the front page, we are also hosting a raffle to start the process of fund raising for the National Show.  The patio pack will be available for viewing at the red angus booth in the cattle barn, and I would encourage everyone to buy tickets!  This is a great raffle!!

The Board will be meeting during the state fair to discuss the Iowa Beef Expo.  If you have any suggestions, please talk to a board member so we can have input from everyone.  The Board also encourages everyone to look at their calves and yearlings and consign their best cattle to the expo, as this year is a “BIG ONE” and we have high expectations!

If you get to the fair and need any assistance or have any questions, please go to the red angus booth or find a board member.  We are more than happy to help!!

See ya at the fair!!