Well the count down to the 2016 State Fair has started!  I suppose I will be ready, but these 7 days will fly by! I always find it helpful to list a few things that are commonly forgotten in the rush of packing.  Feel free to comment items that I have not listed that you find helpful at shows!

Human Items– Wet wipes, paper towels, quick snacks, cooler of drinks, hair brush and hair spray (for those quick touch ups before show), chairs, old towels

Cattle Items – Feed buckets and feed pans, water hose, pitch fork, shovel, broom, wire/string, stall signs, farm sign, tools, grain, hay, show box, show halters, neck ties, stall mats

I would encourage everyone to bring plenty of patience, kindness, and understanding.  While it is a show and therefore a competition, keep in mind we are all there to promote the greatest breed in the country.  Be an ambassador for the cattle industry as well as agriculture in general.  This is our time to shine and tell our story.  Explain your farm to those “city people” who are brave enough to ask questions.  Encourage dialogue with those folks who are looking but might be afraid to talk to you.