Maybe I was the only one that was surprised when I looked up an animal and found these two new EPD’s.   I hope I am not the only one, so I decided to investigate for everyone and try and explain them in easy to understand terms. I called the National Association and this is the information I received.

HB – Herd Builder – This EPD was designed to measure the productivity of the female offspring that are 3/4 red angus and 1/4 Simmental.  It measures the females production as a replacement heifer, as well as those animals that did not make the replacement pen.  So, this EPD measures the production of females as momma cows, as well as those that went to the feed lot.

GM- GridMaster – This EPD was designed to solely focus on feedlot and carcass traits with NO consideration as to replacement heifer value.


Now for the”confusing” part – These EPD’s were developed by using this scenario:  Using 100% red angus bulls on 50% red angus/50%simmental females.   I suppose this makes sense, with the associations working together,  but I do want people to be aware that this scenario was the “given assumption”.   This does not mean the numbers are worthless for those that do not have these “50/50” females.  This is simply a ranking on how an individual might improve whatever production option you are involved in.


TM, the Total Maternal EPD, was discontinued due to the replication in measuring milk and growth.


If you have any questions, you may either post them, or contact the National Red Angus Association.


Thank you for reading and have a safe fall!