The Breed Performance Built

Red Angus cattle are gaining more and more popularity these days, and with good reason. But why should a breeder invest in Red Angus genetics?

1. Industry – leading performance:  Ever since its inception, the Red Angus Association of America has been a leader in the performance revolution. The breed has never chased fads and has always kept the commercial producer in mind. Red Angus became the first breed to require members to submit performance records for their entire calf crops, a fact that will only improve the the breed’s highly reliable EPD’s. When used wisely, these EPD’s can translate into a more productive, efficient, and profitable beef operation.

2. Excellent carcass traits:  Value based marketing is no longer a catch phrase for the future; it’s here today. The Red Angus breed can help you position yourself to take advantage of this monumental change in the beef industry. For the past four years Red Angus breeders have been enrolling sires into structured carcass evaluations, and nearly 300 proven sires already have carcass EPD’s. Red Angus breeders have proven they can produce Choice and Prime steers with Yield Grades of 1 and 2. These are the kind of cattle that will help you not only survive but thrive within a value based system.

3. Commercial Marketing Program:  The Red Angus Association of America has the most extensive commercial assistance program of any breed in America. Programs like the Feeder Calf Certification Program, Feeder-Fax, Superior Livestock Auction, and Regional Feeder Calf Sales all help commercial producers market their cattle more effectively to increase their bottom line.

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The Red Angus breed has much to offer for any beef producer. Bottom line, Red Angus cattle can make your operation more profitable all around.